A safe and secure bus for Ukrainian refugees

Shelter Shuttle

Who we are

Shelter Shuttle is an initiative to help women and children fleeing Ukraine get to Düsseldorf, Germany, where they will receive aid and care. It is financed by donations from friends and businesses, and is completely free of charge for Ukrainian women and children.

The first bus for 50 women and children arrived in Düsseldorf on April 9. You will find the departure date, time and where to board the next here as soon as we have collected enough donations.

Boarding in Warsaw, April 8, 2022

Arrival in Düsseldorf, April 9, 2022

What we offer

The bus transport is a professionally operated long-distance bus (see photo) from the company Top Travel (wynajem-autokarow.com/en). Top Travel has already operated many buses for refugees from Ukraine to Germany and other destinations. We want to give every assurance possible that you and your children will be safe and well cared for during the transport. Please feel free to take photos of the bus and license plate before boarding as well as to document the trip in any way you wish (if you want to photograph the drivers, you need ask them first). You can share the photos with friends and relatives, so they know you’re in good hands.

Emergency numbers

The German Motorway Police, 24/7, tel. 110
Emergency app: www.nora-notruf.de/en-en/startpage

You may also contact the German Federal Police hotline number: 0800 6 888 000

What Happens when you arrive

In Dusseldorf, the organization Refugees Welcome (www.fluechtlinge-willkommen-in-duesseldorf.de/ukraineukrajina) will take you in. You can rest, shower, have something to eat and get fresh clothes if needed. Ukrainian-speaking doctors are available. After that the organization will take you to apartments in nearby towns. Ukrainian refugees can use public transportation and trains free of charge. You are free to stay in Germany for 1 year without a visa, and can extend to 3 years. This also happens to be an economically strong region with a lot of job opportunities.
We look forward to welcoming you!

For any questions please contact Mike Durrie: , +49 211 5162879, cell/mobile +49 173 5758929


Weniger Flüchtlinge – aber die Menschen der Ukraine brauchen weiterhin unsere Unterstützung!

Obwohl Russlands Angriffe auf kritische Infrastrukturen und Zivilisten weitergehen, kehren derzeit viele Flüchtlinge in Teile des Landes zurück, die als weniger gefährdet gelten. Aus diesem Grund haben wir unseren Schwerpunkt auf die Finanzierung von medizinischen Hilfsgütern und anderen lebenswichtigen Gütern sowie von Projekten wie Trauma-Camps für ukrainische Kinder verlagert.

Bitte spenden Sie, was Sie können, an unsere Partnerorganisation Ukraine-Hilfe Göggingen e.V. Hier finden Sie alle Angaben zum Spendenkonto.
Jede Spende macht einen Unterschied!

Fewer refugees – but the people of Ukraine still need our support!

Although Russia’s attacks of critical infrastructure and civilians continue, many refugees are currently returning to parts of the country perceived as less exposed to the aggression. For this reason, we have shifted our focus to funding medical supplies and other essential goods, as well as projects such as camps providing trauma counselling for Ukrainian children.
Please contribute what you can to our partner organization (information in German only) Ukraine-Hilfe Göggingen e.V. Here you will find all donation account details.
Every donation makes a difference!